71 murdered at church in 2012 so far

Since 1999, when a gunmen killed 7 young people at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, there have been over 630 deadly force incidents at faith-based organizations in the United States that have resulted in 423 deaths. In addition, over 140 dead bodies have been found on church property.

Another disturbing statistic is the number of children sexually assaulted while at church or a church-related function. Recent estimates are 70 children a week are victims of sex crimes in faith-based organizations. Something must be done to stop all of this violence in God’s house.


DEC. 16 – Church in Newtown, CT, sight of school shooting, evacuates after threats

DEC. 14 – Shooting at Youngstown Church injures teen basketball player

DEC. 9 – 13-year-old girl kidnapped outside her church in Houston

DEC. 9 – Woman shot in Church parking lot; shooter kills himself

DEC. 2 – Man shoots ex-wife in church in Pennsylvania

OCT 4 – Man arrested for planning to blow-up 48 churches in Miami, OK

The time for church safety is NOW!

30 year police officer and ordained minister Jimmy Meeks travels the country sharing with faith-based organizations why they need a safety team and how they can put one together. 900 churches have attended his seminar to date.

His presentation has just been made available on DVD so you can have the information now to create a safety team.


The 2 hour presentation on DVD

A Manual Detailing: 1) How to get a safety team started  2) Understanding the Crime Triangle  3) Protecting the Pastor      4) Resources for Church safety

Laminated “10 steps to safety” cards for your team

A Bonus DVD of an interview with Carl Chinn. Carl is considered the foremost expert on church crime statistics as well as a survivor of two well known events. He was held hostage by a gunman strapped to explosives at Colorado  based Focus on the Family in 1996. He also experienced a face to face encounter with the gunman who entered New Life Church in Co. Springs on a shooting spree.   In his interview he tells the inside story of both attacks.  His newly released book “Evil Invades Sanctuary” is also included.

Church Safety Kit is $179

Jesus said, “Beware of men…they will harm you IN the synagogue.” Matt. 10:17. We are truly living in those days.