Because of the importance of this powerful film we are offering a public license of Faith Under Fire to churches for shipping and materials only.  We will ship you the DVD and Five  11×17 movie posters priority mail for $23.65.

After viewing the film if your congregation would like to send  a love offering to help with production costs that would be greatly appreciated but is not required.

Take advantage of this time sensitive offer.

How To Show Movies Publicly

Movies are one of the most powerful communication tools we have. Few things can touch our hearts and our spirits in such a profound way as a story that speaks to our inner soul. Our stories are true stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives with an amazing God. In essence, powerful testimonies that speak to us all creating a life changing moment.

We offer 2 options for showing our stories.

Option 1: Public Licensing Rights for 1 year.

Select your group size:

Fewer than 50:  $79 (free shipping)
- Includes 3 posters, 50 4×6 postcards, a trailer for promotion, the DVD

51-149: $179 (free shipping)
- Includes 5 posters, 100 4×6 postcards, a trailer for promotion, the DVD

151-299: $279 (free shipping)
- Includes 8 posters, 150 4×6 postcards, a trailer for promotion, the DVD

300+: $349 (free shipping)

Option 2: Public Licensing Rights for 1 year + Fund Raiser

The film can also be a fundraiser for your ministry. Collect $5 per person.

Keep 1/3 of ticket sales and send HeartStone Pictures 2/3’s of ticket sales.

Includes the posters, postcards, and tickets you request, the trailer, and DVD. The DVD is yours to keep.

The only expense is shipping on the materials of $18.

We ship all materials priority mail so you will receive them within 3 to 5 working days.


Title 17 of the United States Code says that it is illegal to show a movie in any public venue, including churches, clubs, camps and schools without a movie license. Some churches participate in movie license programs such as CVLI. CVLI is a privately held company that provides a movie license for specific producers. CVLI is not a legal entity providing a movie license for any and all films shown in your organization.  Our films are not covered under the CVLI license. Thank you for doing the right thing and honoring our filmmakers.

Select from one of our inspiring true stories:

Host a Public Showing of Faith Under Fire

Host a Public Showing of Changing a Mind

Host a Public Showing of I Love You Mom – Please Don’t Break My Heart