Faith Under Fire

  • Faith Under Fire  ”This is a remarkable story which shows that a person with faith can overcome overwhelming sorrows.”

    Synopsis: Faith Under Fire is the story of a community’s struggle with betrayal, the shock to their faith, and the death of loved ones after a former schoolteacher opens fire during a church service on a Sunday morning in the East Texas town of Daingerfield in the summer of 1980. Armed with two assault rifles, two pistols, and 350 rounds of ammunition, the assailant kills five and injures ten more before four valiant men race into the face of gunfire, saving the lives of hundreds of people. Thirty years after that tragic day, survivors share their journey to live with trauma that few experience. A pastor, who is also the father of a seven year old girl slain in this attack, reveals publicly for the first time his shocking plans to murder the gunman during court proceedings. The anger, rage and guilt he carries for thirty years cost him nearly everything. Young adults, who were children at the time, painfully relive their nightmares, the fear of going out in public, and the struggle with forgiveness they have endured for three decades. One man that is now 42, describes his life’s journey after losing his faith as a child.

    In a revealing interview with the murderer’s detached and aloof wife, she describes the morning of the shooting when her husband loaded weapons into his car. Their daughter reveals the painful reason this attack took place and why she has carried guilt for thirty years.

    In an unforgettable encounter, the killer’s daughter meets the mother of the murdered child for the first time. It is a moment filled with anguish and compassion rarely seen. It is a true picture of the healing power of forgiveness.

    It’s been over thirty years since this public shooting but the pain and memories for those affected that day are still very real. These survivors witnessed and endured what too many are having to deal with today as this violence continues in our churches, schools, shopping malls, movie theatres – basically everywhere. They have not only survived but have learned to walk with courage and faith.

    Since this shooting took place, there have been over 650 deadly force incidents on faith-based properties resulting in over 430 deaths. 74 fell victim in 2012 alone. Sometimes it takes a generation to pass before we can look back and learn from these traumatic events and that time has come for Daingerfield, Texas. They have something to teach us.

    “Faith Under Fire” tells the story of that day more accurately and clearly than any of us could have imagined. I believe this film will become known as one of the great inspirational films of our time. I believe Faith Under Fire is a “must see” for people everywhere — people of faith, people seeking faith, and people hurting in their faith.”  Dr. Tim Wade, pastor First Baptist Church Daingerfield, Texas.

    “After being  buried in grief over losing my son for 19 years, watching Faith Under Fire made me feel God again. He used this film to bring healing to my heart and relieve me of false guilt I had been carrying. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.” Judy, Arkansas

    “It touches people with the great themes of forgiveness and the testimony of the power of God in spite of evil. I would recommend the use of this movie to any churches. It will strike a chord within the hearts of all people in our day and time.” Pastor Jackie Stanfield, Linden, Texas.

    “A powerful recording of an increasingly relevant subject – violence in places of worship. As these acts of violence increase, those who have leadership in religious institutions would be well served by the viewing of this docudrama and the follow-through to prepare for such acts, should they happen among their worshippers.” Dr. Dan Crawford, (ret) Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

    “I watched this movie 5 times and I still get something new out of it everytime I watch it. It is the most powerful film I have ever seen.  Jan B.

    Because of the powerful way God is using this film we want to make it available to churches with NO public license fee.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE.

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  • "After 19 years of grieving for my son who was killed by a drunk driver this story made me feel again. I realized that God is still there for me and always has been. He never left. The movie was not sad but very uplifting. I feel for the families but I know they have overcome through God's grace. The Lord's hand made this film. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to everyone. Judy B., Arkansas

    "Awesome, wonderful, and the most moving show I've ever seen in my life. I've watched it four times and every time I get something new out of it. If you don't believe in God, you should after you see this film. Jan A. "After viewing this film I feel everyone should see it. Every church, no matter what denomination should see this. Jude A.